Tuesday, July 31, 2012


I haven't been back to Los Angeles since I was a lot younger. This time around, I felt as if I was in a dream for four days. I knew that California was going to be an amazing trip and with a lot of exploring to do but I experienced more than just wandering the beauty of California, I felt like I discovered my faith with God again and bringing the things that have blocked me into the surface. I realized now that I have been searching for answers to the wrong questions. Now I have come to an understanding that I have to let go of things that I can not control. I have been traveling to amazing places and enjoying them, partly to cover the past wounds in my life. And because of that, I am now home with a new light to shine on what is dark to me. On top of that, I came home with tons of kisses waiting for me from Jack, Jackson, and Taylor. I plan on returning to California next summer. I am going to drive out there for two weeks with my family. There's so much more to see. I thank God, for the people that I spend time with and for the people that I have met along the way during this trip.

A wonderful quote from my uncle during church service that I will take with me forever: " When you tell the trust and they won't believe, it's their problem not yours. When you tell a lie and they won't believe, it's your problem not theirs."

Chanra + Lilly + Taylor

Lilly and Taylor have grown to be such lovely ladies and they put a warmth in my heart to see those smiling faces. Completely gorgeous like their mama. I love having them in front of my camera, they make modeling look so easy.